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May - July 2014: Look at what's going on with BEC this quarter!
BEConnected is a quarterly publication containing exclusive articles & content to assist Rural Telecom and Internet Service Providers with improving capabilities, service quality, increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) and overall subscriber experience. BEConnected's goal is to provide new product/service ideas, latest market information and Industry-wide technological advances in a clear and concise format. We hope you enjoy this issue, and look forward to your feedback!

Video @CCA Global: BEC's 4G LTE Router Evolution

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Andy Germano, VP of Business Development for BEC Technologies, explains how the company has evolved with the smaller, more regional carriers as the industry has made the move to LTE.

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BEC Exhibits at TCEI
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BEC demonstrated our latest LTE product portfolio and introduced our new FTTH product solutions targeted for MDU/MTU applications.

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IP Possibilities
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BEC held live product demonstrations of our Active Ethernet Indoor ONT and 24-port SFP aggregation switch

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DRN Selects BEC Technologies, Inc. as New Provider of 4G LTE CPE Equipment
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By using BEC's products, DRN is able to serve areas up to a 20-mile radius from their 4G LTE tower
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Press Release:
West Central Net
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BEC assists West Central Net in enabling greater deployment distances from the tower, simplified installation, reliable Wi-Fi, and greatly improving connection stability

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Optical Ultra-Broadband for High Density Communities

Due to explosive growth of bandwidth intensive applications, the demand for high-speed broadband is increasing rapidly. Many service providers and telecom operators have started initiatives to deploy FTTH for high density market segments such Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs). The primary goal is to enable the deployment of innovative solutions that support the telco operators, service providers and infrastructure companies' initiatives for delivering ultra fast premium services to high density communities.

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Cloud-Based LTE Remote Management System with BEC's LTE Remote Management System (LRMS)

BEC's LTE Remote Management System (LRMS) is a centralized management platform designed to offer Service Providers remote access and management of BEC LTE Fixed routers, VoIP gateways, Outdoor LTE routers and M2M modems muliti-service gateways. With its comprehensive management tools, the BEC LRMS can minimize deployment, lower support expenses and maximize the operational efficiency and profitability for a service provider.

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Tech Corner: The Benefits of BEC's Antenna Design

The explosive growth of wireless data communications is fast emerging with high peak data rates which require superior antenna performance and design to support the bandwidth requirements. Also the increasing expectations for speed, bandwidth and global access by consumers is driving the evolution of wireless broadband technology. A critical component, the antenna, radiates and receives the RF or microwave power. It is a reciprocal device, and the same antenna can serve as a receiving or transmitting device. Antennas are structures that provide transitions between guided and free-space waves. Guided waves are confined to the boundaries of a transmission line to transport signals from one point to another, while free-space waves radiate unbounded. A transmission line is designed to have very little radiation loss, while the antenna is designed to have maximum radiation. The radiation occurs due to discontinuities (which cause the perturbation of fields or currents), unbalanced currents, and so on. [1]

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