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July - September 2013: Look at what's going on with BEC this quarter!
BEConnected is a quarterly publication containing exclusive articles & content to assist Rural Telecom and Internet Service Providers with improving capabilities, service quality, increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) and overall subscriber experience. BEConnected's goal is to provide new product/service ideas, latest market information and Industry-wide technological advances in a clear and concise format. We hope you enjoy this issue, and look forward to your feedback!

New Customer Support Portal!
Come see BEC's new Customer Support Portal! We have been working long and hard on creating a new customer experience and creating a full service solution for your subscribers. Contact us for more information.
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Quick Product Guide
Learn about BEC products and solutions.

The BEC Quick Product Guide includes brief product overviews, feature highlights, technical specifications and part numbers for many of BEC products.
BEC is Re-Inventing Customer Service
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Organizations strive to acquire a new customer and then strive to acquire another. Frequently forgotten is that an organization's downfall is attributed to lack of customer retention.
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Quality and Reliability Overview
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Our ultimate goal is to deliver a superior performance and end-user experiences to customers by enhancing our product reliability from listening, collecting inputs and setting forth this information in a new product with on-going product testing and quality monitoring.
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Customer Success Stories:
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Utilizing the BEC 2071 HomePlug AV Adapter successfully as an alternative to Ethernet for IPTV installation.
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Enhanced Triple-Play Services with the BEC 5200W Wireless-N 150Mbps ADSL2+ Router.
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Residential Gateway Deployment Strategy for
the Future

As operators continue to bring more and more advanced IP services to customers, the new generation of residential gateways will need to continue its evolution to address those services. Residential gateway hardware and software designs should be taken into the consideration of not only supporting current services, but also future services and technologies. In addition, BEC understands that a residential gateway sits at a customer's home and is considered the first product that operator's customers experienced. Due to this unique strategic position, a residential gateway is required to bring an impression of quality service and user friendliness.

Several requirements should be considered when selecting a residential gateway:

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Quality of Service (QoS) in LTE

LTE Quality of Service (QoS) has become an important part of network planning & design when deploying 4G/LTE fixed broadband wireless for data & voice services. There are subscribers who use LTE services for critical operations (e.g. voice calls, bank transactions, hospital operations), and there are subscribers just want to enjoy premium Internet & applications experiences. LTE was designed to meet these increased data and application demands with reliable connections and low cost of deployment. A best case scenario would feature a highly-flexible QoS framework that is built to withstand future challenges. Advanced LTE QOS defines priorities for certain customers or services during congestion.

In LTE Broadband Network, QoS is implemented between CPE and PDN Gateway and is applied to a set of bearers. 'Bearer' is basically a virtual concept and is a set of network configuration to provide special treatment to set of traffic e.g. VoIP packets are prioritized by network compared to web browser traffic.

In LTE, QoS is applied on Radio bearer, S1 bearer and S5/S8 bearer, collectively called as EPS bearer as shown in figure below:

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Maximizing VDSL2 Reach & Performance with the BEC 8200R Line Accelerator

IPTV & High Bandwidth services are a valuable source of revenue for wire line service providers. While VDSL2 provides significantly more bandwidth than ADSL2+, it also challenges the copper loop more because it uses a higher frequency spectrum.  VDSL2 present greater technical challenges by requiring both faster bit rates and higher line quality. Today, many operators leverage VDSL2 technology to provide those premium services. As VDSL2 deployments are soaring and with every increase in rate, copper lines become more vulnerable to noise and stability problems. As high as 30% of the lines may exhibit stability problems with VDSL2 signal. To fundamentally improve quality and reach, many measures needs to be taken on improving and conditioning the lines that VDSL2 network operated on, such line optimization, prequalification of lines, and diagnostic tools for troubleshooting.

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