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BEC 8800N VDSL2 Completes Calix Compatible testing. The BEC 8800N is an all-in-one VDSL2/ADSL2+ /FTTH Broadband router that offers users the flexibility of multiple Internet connections and expanded 802.11n wireless coverage.


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• ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2 standard
• Supported Profiles: 8a/b/c/d, 12b,
17a and 30a
• 24 full-duplex VDSL links via RJ-21
(Telco-50) connector
• Built-in POTS splitter for each VDSL port
• Auto-speed functions for VDSL link
(by distance and cable quality)
• 2-Port Gigabit TP/SFP combo interfaces
• DMT (Discrete Multi-Tone) line
coding VDSL

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2310 Coax Hardened MDU chassis

Upgrading networks to high speed broadband access could not be easier. An EoC solution enables you to use existing coaxial cabling to bring broadband access and services to end-user customers, without costly and time consuming re-cabling. Ethernet over Coax (EoC) is designed to deliver Ethernet Data service over pre-exiting coaxial cables, take advantage of existing CATV networks to provide network services, thus minimizing installation cost and ensuring optimal performance. Using coaxial cable for broadband access ensures the high streaming bitrates and error free transmission necessary for video and IPTV services, something for which wireless networks cannot be relied on.

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Zigbee ADSL Smart Energy Gateway

BEC SG6410
Smart Energy Gateway

The BEC SG6410 is an advanced compact networking device designed for users to enjoy real-time power
management and secure high-speed Internet access. It supports the latest ADSL2/2+ technology enabling a
high-speed data rate of up to 24 Mbps. With built-in ZigBee function, the BEC SG6410 can communicate with
ZigBee-based devices such as smart meters, IHD (In-home display) devices, load-control devices, and PCT
(Programmable Communicating Thermostat) devices. Via Internet access, the user can remotely monitor and
manage energy usage or event control appliances that are connected to a BEC SG3010 Compact Smart
Energy Meter. An integrated IPSec VPN feature allows users to establish encrypted private connections utilizing
up to 16 tunnels over the Internet, so that power consumption information will not be accessed by unauthorized users.

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Marvell's diverse product portfolio includes switching, transceiver, communications controller, wireless, and storage solutios that power the entire communications infrastructure including enterprise, metro, home, and storage networking.


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BEC 7800 - All-in-One ADSL2+ Router with Wireless-N technology
BEC 7800N - All-in-One ADSL2+ Router with Wireless-N technology

“A great budget modem/router solution.”

PC User Australian Magazine, March 2011

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CNET Australia, Apr. 2011

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